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Covington, Wash.
Monuteaux Counseling


Counseling and mental health therapy for children, teens and adults. We work with individuals, couples, pre-married couples and groups. As counselors, we are compassionate, accepting, understanding and committed to helping you achieve your goals. As speakers, we educate and inspire to be all that you can be. As group leaders, we offer you a safe place to process your pain. 



Private Practice Consulting For Counselors 

We recognize the challenges and and uncertainties that are involved in starting up and running your private practice. With years of business and private practice experience we can help you understand the steps it takes to run a thriving practice. 

If you are looking for helpful tools and steps, you are in the right place!


Our consulting will cover topics that are helpful in getting your practice off the ground and thriving.

Licensure Process

Private Practice Paperwork

Business License


Building a Website


Setting Fees

Finding Office Space

Office Design

Growing Your Niche

Balancing Work and Life



Consulting Rates and Packages.

Initial Consult: 30 minutes free consult

Hourly Consulting: $120

One Time Consult: 90 minutes for $160

Monthly Consulting Packages Available


Please contact us for more information on our Private Practice Consulting for Counselors.